Advantages WM VP 700

Fully automatic car mat cleaning machine Wash-Mat 700

WASH-MAT 700 Vacu plus is reliable, handy, good:

  • Cleaning                         : 3 in 1 = vacuum + washing + drying
  • Degree of dehydration: 98 - 100% (depending on the mats type)

  • Wash-mat is fully automatic and tuned for a very easy self-service
  • Very easy to use, simple design
  • Suitable for all standard car floor mats
  • Cleans with water; Vacuuming, washing + brushing and dry in one step
  • The mats can if necessary (very schumutzige floor mats several times be cleaned)
  • Wash-mat Vacu plus guaranteed by the wet suction unit more Mall-cleaning (E.g. 100 times in a row) the floor mats (with water) for a constant drying
  • Can be used in all weather conditions (365 days a year)
  • Cleans a complete set of car mats in just 3 minutes

  • Additional service to self service car wash
  • Revenue, or but also a source of income (with or without coin system)
  • Very easy to use, simple design
  • Self of cleaning debris removal system
  • Can be space-saving on base festmotierfähig or on wheels mobile
  • Very simple technical design, low maintenance and easy to maintain
  • 90% of any technical requirements can be represented by Betriebseigenespersonal
  • Very low operating costs
  • Individual coloring is also possible

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